The TEC (Nijenhuis et al., 2002) is a self-report measure addressing potentially traumatizing events. Preliminary findings suggest that the TEC is a reliable and valid self-report instrument that can be used in clinical practice and research. Different scores can be calculated including a cumulative score, and scores for emotional neglect, emotional abuse, physical abuse, sexual harassment, sexual abuse, and bodily threat from a person.

In clinical practice systematic assessment of the patient's trauma history is a relatively neglected area. Highly vulnerable individuals should not be exposed to self-report trauma questionnaires or untimely trauma interviews. However, assessment of trauma history, even if stressful, is appreciated by most patients and rewarding to clinicians.

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Nijenhuis, E.R.S., Van der Hart, O., & Kruger, K. (2002).
The psychometric characteristics of the Traumatic Experiences Questionnaire (TEC): First findings among psychiatric outpatients.
Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy, 9(3), 200-210.

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